Joseph Janse Van Zante

"The Albany Line," as the Joseph Janse line is sometimes referred to, was begun by Joseph Janse and his wife Seitje Marcelis Van Bommel, who were married in 1688. Having lived in Albany, New York about 30 years, Joseph came to court in 1715 to become naturalized. When asked for his surname, he responded that he had never used one, but he was of the Santander family. From that time he is called Van Sant and Van Santen. The next generation changed it to Van Zandt, Van Zant, and Van Zante.

It is believed that Joseph mentioned he was of Spanish descent. Though this is questionable, the tradition has continued in families through the generations and is a means of identifying members of the Joseph Janse line. He may have come from the Spanish Netherlands, an area that was controlled by Spain and overlaps with Belgium today.

Joseph and Seitje had ten children. Their daughters: Jannetje, Anna, Maria, and two were named Celia. Their sons: Gerrit, Anthony, David, Gysbert, and Johannes. Of the three lines, Joseph Janse's line remained in the Albany area until well into the 1800s before some descendants started to move westward.

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