Van Zandt Family Genealogy
with Sally


Three Main Lines

Adam Wensel Van Zandt

Garrett Stoeffelse Vansant

Joseph Janse Van Zant

Recent Discoveries

Hiram Garrett Van Zandt

Garrett and Mary Vansant - NC

Jacobus Lucas Van Zauen

The New Jersey Van Sants



An Overview of Three Van Zandt-Van Sant Lines

I. Adam Wensel Van Zandt line (extensive research data is available for this line)

The Adam Wensel line (or the New York line, as we sometimes call it) descends from Adam Wensel Van Zandt, who set out for New Amsterdam (New York) from Holland in 1658. He died, either aboard ship or shortly after arrival and his family descends through the only son of whom we have record, Johannes.

Johannes, b. ca. 1657, married Margaret Vanderpoel 10-20-1681 in Albany, NY. Johannes supposedly had a first wife whose name was Margaret Wynants. But there was a Dutch tradition of taking a father's first name and using it after one's given name. We feel the two wives were probably one person, since Margaret Vanderpoel's father was Wynant Vanderpoel.

Johannes had seven daughters: Ytje (Ida), Jannetje (died young), Jannetje, Catherine, Margaret, Maria, and Cornelia (died young). He had five sons: Adam (died age 16), Johannes (died age 14), Wynant, Isaac, and Bernardus.

Wynant remained in New York City, becoming very successful. He produced a large family of seventeen children, from whom Dwight Van Zandt, first president of the Van Zandt Society, and Arlene Williams, our first secretary, are descended.

Isaac married a Sarah Coe and disappeared from any records after 1737 in New Jersey. Some speculation remains as to whether or not he traveled south.

Bernardus married Betitje Lator and moved to Blawenburg, NJ. This marriage produced many descendants, some of whom settled in upper New York State, some in Missouri, Michigan, and conceivably in North and South Carolina.

Extensive research data is available for the Albany Line.

II. Garrett Stoeffelse Vansant line (also known as the Bucks County Pennsylvania line)

Garrett Stoeffelse, also known as Gerret Stoffelszen, was born in 1644, probably in Amsterdam, Holland. He was the son of Stoffel Harmenszen, born about 1618, probably in Kleverins near Jever, Germany, and Moeder Gerrits. Moeder was Stoffel's first wife whom he married in Amsterdam 28 June 1643. She was baptized in Amsterdam 2 November 1623 and buried there 17 July 1644. Moeder was the daughter of Gerrit Janszen and Vroutgen Pieters. Stoffel died in September 1655 in New Amsterdam.

Garrett came to New Amsterdam in 1651, settling in the Brooklyn area. Garrett married Elizabeth (Lysbeth) Gerritse and had eleven children. In the 1690's, he and several of his sons began purchasing large tracts of land in Bucks County, PA. Since Garrett and his entire family moved to Bucks County about 1695, this group became known as the Bucks County line. However, it should be noted that a few of Garrett's sons continued to migrate south and settled in Delaware and Maryland.

Garrett and Elizabeth had two daughters, Tryntje and Jesinah, and one son, Josias, who died at young ages. Their other eight sons who grew to maturity and married have descendants living in almost every state of our nation. Garrett died prior to 20 June 1706. The eight sons include:

1.   Stoeffel married Rachel Corsen and had numerous children. Son John moved to New Jersey and became the ancestor of most of the Van Sants now living in South Jersey. Another son Joshua settled in Maryland.

2.   Cornelius married twice and moved to Maryland.

3.   Harmon married twice and is the Vansant ancestor of most of the Van Sants who still live in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

4.   Albertus married twice and moved to Delaware.

5.   Johannes married and died in his early thirties. We have no record of his young children.

6.   Jacobus married Rebecca Vandegrift. They had numerous children.

7.   Joris (George) married, had numerous children and moved to Maryland.

8.   Garrett, the youngest, married and had several daughters; therefore the Vansant name did not continue in this line.


III. Joseph Janse Van Zant line

"The Albany Line," as the Joseph Janse line is sometimes referred to, was begun by Joseph Janse and his wife Seitje Marcelis Van Bommel, who were married in 1688. Having lived in Albany, New York about 30 years, Joseph came to court in 1715 to become naturalized. Asked for his surname, he responded that he had never used one, but he was of the Santander family. From that time he is called Van Sant and Van Santen. The next generation changed it to Van Zandt and Van Zant.

Apparently Joseph mentioned that he was of Spanish descent. Though this is questionable, the tradition has continued in families through the generations and is a means of identifying members of the Joseph Janse line.

Joseph and Seitje had ten children. Their daughters: Jannetje, Anna, Maria, and two Celias. Their sons: Gerrit, Anthony, David, Gysbert, and Johannes. Of the three lines, Joseph Janse's line remained in the Albany area until well into the 1800s before some descendants started to move westward.


Hiram Garrett Van Zandt line of Georgia

From Allene Jarrell Yeomans of Macon, Georgia, comes information about a Georgia branch of the Van Zandt family. Allene is a great-great-granddaughter of (Hiram) Garrett Van Zandt, thought to have been born in New Jersey about 1775. He moved to the Yadkin River Valley of North Carolina and married Mary Moseley. Mary was born about 1780 in North Carolina. In the early 1800s Garrett and Mary moved to Jones County, Georgia.

Garrett and Mary gave birth to Hiram Garrett (I) in 1818. This Hiram Garrett married Mary Cole Hysler in 1837 in Jones County, Georgia. Hiram Garrett I and Mary Cole had a son Hiram Garrett II, born 1-18-1847 in Jones County. Hiram Garrett II married Nancy Elizabeth Edwards, 11-26-1871 in Towles Township, Jones County, Georgia Hiram Garrett II and Nancy Elizabeth had at least four children: Mary Elizabeth, born 8-13-1872; William Hiram, Henry Franklin, and Mrs. J. T. Glover Jr. Hiram Garrett II lived past 100 years of age, dying 11-5-1947.

Our informant, Allene Jarrell Yeomans, is the daughter of Mary Elizabeth Van Zandt, who married Benjamin Richard Jarrell 12-23-1891. Mrs. Yeomans had six brothers: Hiram, Benjamin Richard, William, Milton, Charles Franklin, Blake, and two sisters: Bessie and Sarah. LINE OF DESCENT: I-Garrett Van Zandt m. Mary Moseley;. II-Hiram Garrett m. Mary Cole Hysler; III-Hiram Garrett m. Nancy Elizabeth Edwards; IV-Mary Elizabeth m. Benjamin Richard Jarrell; V-Allene Jarrell Yeomans.

Garrett and Mary Vansant of Rutherford County, North Carolina

In recent years the Van Zandt Society has discovered numerous records on the descendants of Garrett Vansant and his wife, Mary. Included in this group are large numbers of Vansants in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas. Each contributor to our database asks the same question: Who were Garrett and Mary Vansant?

Most records indicate that Garrett and Mary were living in Rutherford County ten to twenty years prior to the Revolutionary War. Garrett died there in 1787, while Mary lived until 1796. Both left wills in North Carolina. A few land transactions can also be found bearing Garrett's name. But where did they come from?

From the name Garrett, we may assume that he is a descendant of the Garret Stoeffelse Van Zandt line of Bucks County, PA. The name Garrett did appear in New Jersey under the descendants of Bernardus Van Zandt and Belitje Laton and in the line of Joseph Janse Van Zandt in Albany, NY. We tend to eliminate the chance of Garrett of North Carolina being a descendant of the New Jersey or New York line, because we have traced their descendants and they did not leave their home states in those early years.

Among the Bucks County, PA Van Zandts we have many Garrets. Some remained in Pennsylvania and we can trace them. A few disappeared from Bucks County and no further records are known. This could be a possible answer. Other Van Zandts traveled on to Maryland and Delaware. Here we again find several Garretts. Possibly Garrett of North Carolina came from here.

In trying to piece together this puzzle we must ask several questions. What families had sons named Garrett of whom no further records have been found? When was Garrett of North Carolina born? What names did he give his children?

Many clues can be found as to the identity of unknown parents because the Dutch tradition was to name the first two sons and first two daughters for the paternal and maternal grandparents.

Garrett and Mary of Rutherford County, NC had a son Jacob (born about 1750) and a son Garret born, by some records, as early as 1745. If Garrett and Mary were 20-25 years old when their first child was born, Garrett must have been born between 1720 and 1725. The only Garrett who would fit that time period would have been the son of Albertus Van Zandt and Rebecca Vandergrift. Albertus' son Garrett was born about 1720 to 1722. Albertus, son of Garrett Stoeffelse Van Zandt, was born in New York, moved to Bucks County about 1698, married Rebecca Vandergrift in 1704, purchased land in St. George's Hundred, Delaware in 1708, and at some point moved to this land. We know who his four daughters married. We know that Albertus had five sons and one who died early. Of the other four, Harmanus, James, John, and Garrett, we have no further records. Could this be the Garrett of North Carolina? Age-wise he fits.

Garrett and Mary named their children Jacob, James, Garrett, Mary, Elizabeth and Rachel. Not knowing Mary's maiden name or her parents' names, we can look only at Garrett's family for clues. If this Garrett was the son of Albertus and Rebecca, why did he not name a child after his parents? This would tend to tell us Albertus was not his father.

Several of Garrett's and Mary's descendants claim that the Van Zandts came to North Carolina with a migration from the Moravian colony of Eastern Pennsylvania. This is questionable. The Moravians were located in the northeastern section of Pennsylvania and the Van Zandts in the southeast section of the state. The Van Zandts were of the Dutch Reformed or Presbyterian churches, while the Moravians were a small German sect located in the Bethlehem, PA area. Could Garrett and Mary have joined the Moravians if they passed through Bucks County on their way south?

The Van Zandt Society would appreciate any comments or suggestions on this purely speculative report. We have hundreds of Vansants who want to know from which of the original Van Zandt lines they came. If we know where Garrett came from, we could very likely tie him into one of the original families.

Jacobus and Jannetje Lucas Van Zauen

This is an interesting line which began with Jacobus Van Zauen, born in 1657 in Holland. It appears to have changed the spelling of the last name each generation or so until Isaac Henry, born 01/22/1843, died 05/24/1915, used Van Zant as his last name and Robert Lee, born 11/28/1867, died 12/21/1927, started using the name Van Zandt.

Jacobus Van Zauen was born in 1657 in Ransdorph, Holland. We do not know the names of his parents. He came to New Amsterdam in 1677. He was married to Jannetje Lucas 08/25/1678. Their children were: Lucas, b.02/21/1680; Tryntje, b. 12/03/1681; Jacob, b. 04/07/1684, and Jannetje, b. 09/03/1693.

Jacob Van Zauen, born 04/07/1684 in New Amsterdam, NY, married Rachel Bougaert, 08/25/1705. Their children: Jacob, b. 11/17/1706; Jan, 07/01/1711; Jannetje, 08/08/1714; Isack, 05/05/1717; Augenitie, 08/02/1719; Lucas, 08/12/1722, and Marytye, 03/00/1725.

Isack , born 05/05/1717 in New York State, who now spelled his name Van Saen, married Maria Demarest, 09/20/1739. Their children, whose last name is "Van Saen": Jacob, b. 05/04/1740; Zyske, 01/01/1742; Samuel, 12/11/1743; Lucas, 08/17/1746; Liba, 05/26/1751, and Ragen, 07/27/1755.

Jacob Van Saen, b. 05/04/1740 in Hackensack, NJ, d. 11/19/1819, married Hester Goetschius, 12/14/1760. Their children all have "Van Saun" as their last name: Ragen, b. 11/19/1763 d. 1789; Elizabeth, 12/31/1765; Sietsje, b. 04/25/1770, d. 04/12/1860; Isack, b. 11/03/1772, d. 02/10/1844; Hendrikus, b. 01/15/1777; Augenitie (Agnes), b. 08/05/1784, d. 12/21/1862; Maria, b. 06/27/17??; Jan, b. 09/20/1790; Gietsje, b. 03/04/1767.

Hendrikus Van Saun, b.01/15/1777 in New Jersey, married Marie Zabriskie. No children are listed in this computer record.

In the next generation on record we find Henry J. Van Saan, b. 12/31/1814 in Spring Valley, NJ, the son of Isack Van Saan and Catherine Van Beuren, who married Ruth Fredericks on 12/31/1835. Henry was a farmer with real estate values of $3,500 in 1850 and $10,000 in 1860. They had seven children: Levi Van Saun, b. 06/27/1836 d. 05/24/1904; Isaac Henry Van Zant, b. 01/22/1843 d. 5/24/1915; Elizabeth Van Saun, b. 1846, d. 1882; Catherine Van Saun, b. 1848; Margaret Van Saun, b. 1850; John N. Van Saun, b. 1854; Hester Van Saun, b. 03/22/1856.

Levi Van Saun, b. 06/27/1836 in New Barbadoes, NJ, married Frances M. Outwater 01/28/58. Levi served in the Civil War as a private in Co. C, regiment 22. As "Levi Van Zant" he served his nine months from September 1 to June 25, 1863. He died 05/24/1904. They had three children: Annie Outwater Van Saun, b. 09/13/1860, d. 12/21/1932; Newtown Isaac Van Saun, b. 10/15/1862, d. 1939, and Robert Lee Van Zandt, b. 11/28/1867, d. 12/21/1927.

Newton Isaac Van Saun, b. 10/15/1862 in Lodi, NJ, d. 08/08/39, married Hannah Melissa Winters 11/02/87. Newton was a deacon in the First Baptist Church, passing the silver collection plate every Sunday. They had two children: Harold Leroy Van Zandt, b. 08/16/1890, d. 04/04/1928, and Mildred Aletta VanZandt, b. 11/09/1894, d. 10/24/1938.

Harold Leroy Van Zandt, b. 08/16/1890, Hackensack, NJ, d. 04/04/1928, married Katherine Saunders on 06/21/1920. Harold was known as the greatest athlete ever to wear the blue and gold of Hackensack High School. While in high school Harold was offered the opportunity to pitch for the New York Giants. He turned it down, preferring a business career. Their children: Harold Leroy VanZandt Jr., b. 10/07/1921; Robert Newtown Van Zandt, b. 06/19/1924, d. 08/08/1983, and William Brewster VanZandt, b. 10/11/1928.

William Brewster VanZandt, b. 10/11/1928, Hackensack, NJ married Mary H. Lento, 03/29/1949. Their children: Steven Van Zandt, b. 11/22/1950; William Van Zandt, b. 12/13/1957, and Kathi Van Zandt, b. 04/17/1961.

William (Billy) Van Zandt, b. 12/13/1957 in Red Bank, NJ married actress Adrienne Barbeau. Their twin sons, William and Walker Van Zandt, were born 3/17/1997. The birth announcement, with photographs appeared on page 9 of the Spring 1997 Van Zandt Record.

Billy Van Zandt is a very successful writer/producer of such successful sitcoms as Bob Newhart's "Newhart". He has become one of the most successful playwrights in the United States and Canada. Billy was offered his first film role in "Jaws 2" and went on to roles in "Taps", "Skag," and "Star Trek - the Motion Picture". He also had a recurring role on the "New Odd Couple" television show.

The New Jersey Van Sants

The New Jersey Van Sants are descendants of Captain John Van Sant, pioneer shipbuilder at "The Forks" on the Mullica River, Gloucester County, now Atlantic County, New Jersey.

There are at least two theories as to Captain John's origins. The first, according to W. W. H. Davis' History of Bucks County, is that Stoffel Van Sant was the father of John, born about 1700 in Bucks County. This John Van Sant married Rebecca Cox in 1728 and settled in Middletown Township, Bucks County. When John died in 1750 his will named six children, including his only son, John. This son, some believe, moved to New Jersey to become Captain John Van Sant, shipbuilder.

The second theory, from the Southern New York, Volume III, by Cutter, 1914 is this:

Among the early settlers of Long Island was Claes Carsten Van Sant, a Norman soldier in service of the Dutch West India Company. He obtained a patent for twenty-nine morgens of land, September 5, 1645. This was situated on the East River, in what is now Williamsburg. He soon sold this and took up fifty morgens near Constable's Hook, in Bergen, New Jersey. He joined the Dutch church at New Amsterdam (New York City), January 1, 1663. He married, April 15, 1646, Helletje Hendricks, and had two sons: John and Peter Claesen.

Peter Claesen Van Sant, son of Claes Carsten Van Sant, resided at Gravesend, Long Island, where he sold his house and lot, October 23, 1693. He probably removed at once to Cape May, New Jersey, where he was residing September 25, 1694 at which time he sold his interest in allotments Nos. 8 and 12 on Gilbert's Island. His wife's Christian name was Deborah, and they had sons: Peter, Cornelius, and Hendrick.

Peter Van Sant, eldest son of Peter Claesen and Deborah Van Sant, was born about 1680 and in 1717 was residing at Six Mile Run in the valley of the Raritan river, New Jersey. Apparently from the location and other indications noted, he was the father of John Van Sant, according to Cutter's theory.

Captain John, born about 1726-28, was married three times: 1. to Sarah Dale, 2. to Polly Bowen, 1775, and 3. to Rebecca Simpkins, a widow, in 1787. According to several written records, Captain John had numerous children. We have records of only four sons.

1.   Christopher Van Sant, born Dec. 10, 1769, by Capt. John's first wife, Sarah Dole.

2.   Joel Van Sant, born about 1785, probably by the second wife Polly Bowen.

3.   John Van Sant, born, probably to Polly Bowen; no date available. John married Elizabeth Bradley in Gloucester County, NJ April 13, 1812. They lived in Bargaintown, NJ.

4.   Nicholas Van Sant, born Nov. 9, 1788 to Captain John and his third wife, Rebecca Simpkins.

Nicholas married Mercy Davis Moore Dec. 23, 1808 at Pleasant Mills, Atlantic City, NJ. in a ceremony performed by the Rev. Lionel Lukens. About 1815 Nicholas and Mercy moved to Wrangleboro, where he established his boat business. Apparently Nicholas' father, Captain John, moved with him and died there about 1820.

Cutter, in Southern New York, Volume III, reports that after Captain John's death at the age of 94, he was buried at Port Republic, Atlantic County, NJ.:

"This 'Captain John Van Sant', as the headstone at his grave has it, was a navigator as well as a shipbuilder. His son Nicholas quoted a current remark concerning him: 'He can build a vessel and then sail her to any port on earth.' His shipyard was at 'The Forks' on the Mullica river, Gloucester, now Atlantic County, and later at New Columbia, Atlantic County, New Jersey. He is said to have constructed vessels for the American service during the Revolution. In his early days he was a deep sea navigator."

Cutter writes that Nicholas Van Sant served with the American army for a time in the War of 1812 and later became a Methodist local preacher, frequently holding service in nearby churches and at the old-time camp meetings.

Nicholas and Mercy were the parents of eleven children:

1.   John Wesley, b. 1810, d. 1902, moved to Le Claire, Iowa where he was a boat builder and a Methodist Episcopal minister. His son Samuel R. Van Sant served as Governor of Minnesota.

2.   Joel, b. 1811.

3.   Samuel, b. 1814, died at the age of six.

4.   James, b. 1816, d. 1898. He was a Methodist Episcopal minister.

5.   Rebecca, b. 1819, married Peter Lane. She died 1899.

6.   Samuel, b. 1821, d. 1881, married Suzannah Savage Hays on April 25, 1850. He entered the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal church and served as pastor of leading churches in Newark, Trenton, Camden, and Burlington, NJ. He was in frequent demand for special occasions such as camp meetings and church dedications. During his term as presiding elder of the Burlington District, in 1870, he was elected superintendent of public schools at Atlantic City.

7.   Nicholas Jr., b. 1823, d. 1905 was a Methodist Episcopal minister and authored the book, Sunset Memories, about the Nicholas-Mercy Van Sant family.

8.   Nathaniel Doughty, b. 1826, d. 1906 was a Methodist Episcopal minister.

9.   Mary Ann, b. 1828, d. 1913, married Capt. Richard Cramer.

10. Isaac Newton, b. 1830, d. 1897, was a Methodist Episcopal minister.

11. Phebe Moore, b. 1833, d. 1835.

In 1938 nearly 150 descendants of Nicholas and Mercy met at St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church in Port Republic, NJ for a reunion and the dedication of a memorial tablet to their memory.